Social circles of 10 people will likely last until 2021, Ontario premier says – CTV News – 2020-08-04

Social circles of up to 10 people will likely be sticking around until at least the new year, Ontario Premier Doug Ford says.

“This pandemic is not over,” Ford warned residents during his afternoon news conference on Tuesday. “It’s going to continue going and in my opinion – I could be wrong, I’m no medical professional – but, in my opinion, this is going until January, until we get a vaccine or hopefully sooner when we get a vaccine.”

Almost two months ago, the province’s 14.5 million residents were told by the government that they could add others who they did not live with into their social bubbles, capping at 10 people per circle. This allowed many to finally hug their parent, grandparent or child for the first time in months.

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