Use of pornography among single men is linked to an increased desire to be married, study suggests – PsyPost – 2020-08-21

A recent study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior presents findings that appear to contradict the theory that single men’s involvement in “low-cost” sexual activities weakens their desire to be married.

Sex-exchange theories posit that men’s heightened desire for sex motivates their willingness to exchange benefits like fidelity and commitment for sex. In this way, sex constitutes “erotic capital” that women can use to their advantage. These ideas have led some researchers to suggest that the rise in low-cost sexual activities, such as pornography, hookups, and masturbation, may be contributing to the declining interest in marriage among young people.

Study author Samuel L. Perry set out to investigate this theory by examining the association between engagement in low-cost sexual activities and desire for marriage among single men.

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