Indigenous people, young Canadians less likely to have favourable view of police: poll – Global News – 2020-10-09

Canadians have a largely favourable view of police in their communities but Indigenous people, members of visible minority groups and younger Canadians are more likely to have had bad experiences and to feel threatened in the presence of police, a new poll suggests. Seventy-seven per cent of Caucasian respondents to the Angus Reid Institute survey … Read more

What is it like to experience mental health problems? – The British Psychological Society Research Digest – 2020-10-09

We’ve rounded up some of the research we’ve covered over the years that’s explored what it’s like to live with mental health problems, from obsessive compulsive disorder to hearing voices. Psychologists call these kind of studies “qualitative research”, where the aim is not to put a score against particular symptoms, but to discover the first-hand … Read more

Do Ads for Sexy Halloween Costumes Target Young Girls? New research shows how Halloween costume ads sexualize children and teens – Psychology Today – 2020-10-07

As Halloween approaches, a familiar parade of women’s costumes appears in advertisements: Sexy nurse. Sexy cat. Sexy witch. While costumes designed for men lean toward the powerful, the humorous, or the horrific, the sexualization of women’s Halloween costumes is so entrenched that the line between irony and sex appeal may be blurred at this point. … Read more