Indigenous people, young Canadians less likely to have favourable view of police: poll – Global News – 2020-10-09

Canadians have a largely favourable view of police in their communities but Indigenous people, members of visible minority groups and younger Canadians are more likely to have had bad experiences and to feel threatened in the presence of police, a new poll suggests. Seventy-seven per cent of Caucasian respondents to the Angus Reid Institute survey … Read more

What is it like to experience mental health problems? – The British Psychological Society Research Digest – 2020-10-09

We’ve rounded up some of the research we’ve covered over the years that’s explored what it’s like to live with mental health problems, from obsessive compulsive disorder to hearing voices. Psychologists call these kind of studies “qualitative research”, where the aim is not to put a score against particular symptoms, but to discover the first-hand … Read more

Do Ads for Sexy Halloween Costumes Target Young Girls? New research shows how Halloween costume ads sexualize children and teens – Psychology Today – 2020-10-07

As Halloween approaches, a familiar parade of women’s costumes appears in advertisements: Sexy nurse. Sexy cat. Sexy witch. While costumes designed for men lean toward the powerful, the humorous, or the horrific, the sexualization of women’s Halloween costumes is so entrenched that the line between irony and sex appeal may be blurred at this point. … Read more

Handwashing, distancing and mask-wearing all drastically cut risk of catching COVID-19: research – CTV News – 2020-09-27

Wash your hands. Practise physical distancing whenever you can. Wear a mask the rest of the time. These have been the three main tenets of public health advice aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus for months now, dating back to when Canada was still facing its first wave of infections. With the second … Read more

Move Your Body, Boost Your Mood: Research shows moving your body each day can reduce stress and boost immunity – Psychology Today – 2020-09-23

As social distancing drags on, people are experiencing more stress, increased symptoms of depression and anxiety, and an uptick in mental health disorders, suicide ideation, and substance abuse relapse. Reduced physical activity, sleep disruption, and increased smoking and alcohol intake during the pandemic have been associated with higher depression, anxiety and stress symptoms. Moving our … Read more

Weighted blankets can help those with anxiety, depression get a better night’s sleep: study – CTV News – 2020-09-23

According to a new study from Sweden, for those battling insomnia spurred on by mental illness, a weighted chain blanket might be the key to finally getting a good night’s sleep. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine this month, found that between people sleeping with weighted blankets at night and those … Read more

Ten minutes of massage or rest will help your body fight stress – ScienceDaily – 2020-09-18

Allowing yourself a few minutes of downtime significantly boosts mental and physical relaxation. Research by psychologists at the University of Konstanz observed higher levels of psychological and physiological relaxation in people after only ten minutes of receiving a massage. Even ten minutes of simple rest increased relaxation, albeit to a lesser degree than massage. The … Read more

Structural Violence, Social Justice, and Mental Illness: Political participation is the most transformative path to promoting rights – Psychology Today – 2020-09-19

‘Structural violence’ is the term given to forces such as poverty, racism, inequality and discrimination which necessarily have an influence on people’s health including their mental health. These factors not only affect patterns of susceptibility and exposure but can also limit the effectiveness of health care systems and reduce access to services, especially among the … Read more

London Police Services Board votes to relocate funds to create crisis outreach support team – Global News – 2020-09-18

The London Police Services Board (LPSB) has voted in favour of creating a crisis outreach and support team to minimize police use of force during mental health calls on Thursday. The motion from Police Chief Steve Williams would see four specialized officers team up with local mental health workers to respond to some of the … Read more

Universal Basic Income and Mental Health: Research and history shows UBI may help with mental illness and poverty – Psychology Today – 2020-09-15

Universal Basic Income is a guaranteed income paid to every citizen with no strings attached. It lifts everyone above the poverty line and, because it is guaranteed, reduces a great deal of stress associated with unemployment and changes in the welfare system. It also allows people more opportunity to change their lives for the better, … Read more

Why most Canadians support the Canada-U.S. border closure, despite the costs – CBC News – 2020-09-15

Canadian support for keeping the border closed to Americans remains strong, despite a decline in new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and a decimated tourism industry. A new poll by pollster Research Co. found that out of 1,000 Canadians surveyed online at the end of August, a whopping 90 per cent agreed with the current … Read more

ODSP rules leave Rockland man with ‘impossible decision’ – CBC News – 2020-09-13

A Rockland, Ont., man says Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rules are forcing him to choose between taking care of his daughter and being financially independent. “I have to make an impossible decision that doesn’t have a humane outcome at all,” said Jay Woodruff. Woodruff lives with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition that causes severe … Read more

Toronto police officer wearing ‘Punisher’ skull patch on uniform faces disciplinary action – Global News – 2020-09-08

A Toronto police officer wearing a controversial patch on their uniform while at a traffic safety news conference is facing discipline by the service, prompting community members to speak out online in response to the image. The patch was seen on the officer’s vest by Toronto Star reporter Ben Spurr Tuesday morning and a picture … Read more

More than 18,000 people have tried to visit, shop, sightsee in Canada despite border closure – CBC News – 2020-09-06

Despite strict travel restrictions imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19, more than 18,000 foreign nationals — most of them American citizens — have been turned back at the border after trying to enter Canada to shop, sightsee or visit people. That pattern prompted the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to remind people about the … Read more

New study suggests use of online pornography does not affect sexual satisfaction or mental well-being – PsyPost – 2020-09-03

New research suggests that, contrary to previous literature, the use of online pornography does not negatively impact evaluations of the self or others. The findings were published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy. As the use of online sexually explicit material (oSEM) has grown, so has the concern over its influence on mental well-being. Despite the … Read more

Attention Men, Intercourse Alone Brings Few Women to Orgasm – Psychology Today – 2020-08-31

Intercourse reliably brings around 95 percent of men to orgasm. What proportion of women climax that way? Substantially fewer than many, if not most men imagine. The general—mistaken—male view is that, like men, the vast majority of women can reliably have orgasms during vaginal intercourse. That’s what most movies and TV shows present. The guy … Read more

Belief in COVID‐19 Conspiracy Theories Reduces Social Distancing over Time – Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being – 2020-08-30

BackgroundConspiracy theories about the origins of COVID‐19 are widespread and have even been propagated by highly ranked state officials and politicians in the US. Health authorities have cautioned that such theories, although not questioning the existence of the pandemic, may increase the spread of the virus by reducing people’s efforts to socially distance. MethodsWe test … Read more

Unprecedented co-ordination helping to attack homelessness in Niagara – Niagara This Week – 2020-08-31

It’s a Thursday morning in a parking lot tucked away against the side of a church near Centennial Gardens Park in St. Catharines, next to a ravine cluttered with pop cans and other debris, with an infestation of wasps in the ground. Cheryl sits by her shopping cart containing a sleeping bag and coat, next … Read more

This Toronto Crisis Team Has Handled Mental Health Calls Without Cops for 30 Years – – 2020-08-19

At her lowest point, Kaola Baird felt like she was living two lives. Things probably seemed fine from the outside: She had a circle of friends, an apartment, and was holding down a job in retail and as a fitness instructor. But she was also wrestling severe depression and anxiety that stemmed from the trauma … Read more

Study suggests pornography use is common for partnered individuals — and unrelated to relationship satisfaction – PsyPost – 2020-08-25

Pornography use does not appear to harm couples’ satisfaction with their relationship, according to new research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships that collected 13,134 daily surveys from 434 Canadian individuals. The new findings shed light on how the use of explicit material is related to sexual functioning and relationship dynamics. “Even … Read more

Ontario has failed to keep mentally ill people out of segregation in jail: human rights commission – CBC News – 2020-08-25

Ontario has failed to keep inmates with mental health disabilities out of segregation, the province’s human rights commission alleges. The Ontario Human Rights Commission filed a motion with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario seeking an order to hold the province accountable for violating a two-year-old agreement on the use of solitary confinement in the … Read more

Pregnant inmates are getting prenatal care far below health standards, study shows – CBC News – 2020-08-23

Prenatal car for pregnant women in Ontario jails falls far short of international standards, says a new study from McMaster University. A team led by Dr. Dustin Costescu, an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pored over correctional and health administrative data and found that incarcerated women — and even women who … Read more

Use of pornography among single men is linked to an increased desire to be married, study suggests – PsyPost – 2020-08-21

A recent study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior presents findings that appear to contradict the theory that single men’s involvement in “low-cost” sexual activities weakens their desire to be married. Sex-exchange theories posit that men’s heightened desire for sex motivates their willingness to exchange benefits like fidelity and commitment for sex. In this way, … Read more

Why Do People Troll Online? These 6 reasons can offer some clarity – Psychology Today – 2020-08-21

If you’ve ever been the victim of persistent online trolling, then you know exactly how discombobulating it can feel. You might feel mixed emotions that range from confusion and anger to anxiety and sadness. And you wouldn’t be alone. Research has shown that roughly four in 10 Americans have personally experienced online harassment and that … Read more

Federal prosecutors told not to seek criminal penalties for minor drug charges – National Post – 2020-08-20

Canadians found with small amounts of illegal drugs will rarely be prosecuted under new guidelines for federal prosecutors. Director of Public Prosecutions Kathleen Roussel issued the new guidance this week, encouraging Crown prosecutors to look for other ways to deal with drug possession and divert people from the criminal justice system. Roussel’s guidance on the … Read more

Inmate populations decline across Canada amid coronavirus pandemic – Global News – 2020-08-16

There were roughly 6,000 fewer people in correctional institutions across the country in April, compared to February, according to a recent report by Statistics Canada. It was all part of the response to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in jails. “Correctional institutions face unique challenges when it comes to preventing COVID-19 infection … Read more

New research uncovers women’s and men’s reactions to receiving unsolicited dick pics – PsyPost – 2020-08-15

Receiving unsolicited genital pictures from men appears to be a largely negative experience for most women, according to a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research. But gay and bisexual men appear to be significant more receptive to receiving such images without warning. “My work, broadly, explores the intersections between digital communication technologies … Read more

Police chiefs embrace health-led response to dealing with people in mental crisis – CBC News – 2020-08-14

Police chiefs say they support closer collaboration with crisis workers to help prevent tragedies when their officers confront people dealing with mental-health issues. Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah says sending two police officers to such calls allows only the option of transporting the person in need to a hospital. He told MPs on the … Read more