Toronto police officer wearing ‘Punisher’ skull patch on uniform faces disciplinary action – Global News – 2020-09-08

A Toronto police officer wearing a controversial patch on their uniform while at a traffic safety news conference is facing discipline by the service, prompting community members to speak out online in response to the image. The patch was seen on the officer’s vest by Toronto Star reporter Ben Spurr Tuesday morning and a picture … Read more

Why Do People Troll Online? These 6 reasons can offer some clarity – Psychology Today – 2020-08-21

If you’ve ever been the victim of persistent online trolling, then you know exactly how discombobulating it can feel. You might feel mixed emotions that range from confusion and anger to anxiety and sadness. And you wouldn’t be alone. Research has shown that roughly four in 10 Americans have personally experienced online harassment and that … Read more

As courts prepare to restart jury trials, advocates call for fair pay for jurors – CBC News – 2020-08-04

Canadians would rather get poked with a needle and give blood than sit on a jury, according to a recent national study conducted by the Canadian Juries Commission. The survey found that the only thing Canadians rated worse than jury duty was volunteering at a hospital during the pandemic. Now, with nearly two million Canadians … Read more