This Old “Scrubs” Episode Is a Perfect Primer on Germ Transfer – LifeSavvy – 2020-03-17

A 2006 episode of the hit medical comedy, Scrubs, demonstrated perfectly how germs travel from person-to-person in the absence of good hygiene.

The “My Cabbage” episode (S05, E12) featured a subplot that focused on the most adored patient in the hospital, Patricia Wilk (Michael Learned), finally recovering and preparing to head home. The overarching theme of the episode focused on blundering, but well-meaning intern, Jason “Cabbage” Cabbagio (Shaughn Buchholz).

In a key scene, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) lectures the staff on infectious disease vectors. He uses a green tint as a visual indicator to show how infections travel through the hospital from person-to-person. Ultimately, the visual lesson comes to its conclusion when Cabbage is let go and, on his way out the door, transfers an infection to Mrs. Wilk.

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